About Us

The GulfShore Mustang Club of Southwest Florida is a nonprofit, volunteer group of Mustang enthusiasts, chartered by the Mustang Club of America, and dedicated to the heritage, restoration and preservation of all FORD MUSTANGS.There has never been a love affair as lasting as the one the American people have with their automobiles. We extend you an invitation to fall in love with one of the most classic automobiles, the MUSTANG!

When Ford first introduced it’s unprecedented new vehicle in 1964 it described the car as, “Mustang, the car designed to be designed by you.” Our club strives to do the same; to do the things you want to do and to provide information and activities you want to help you build, restore, detail, repair, or tune and enjoy your Ponies.

We are dedicated to fun family activities for fans of both old and new Mustangs. Whether your Mustang is a classic show car, a performance car, a daily driver, or just a project car, of even if you are just a fan of Mustangs, you are welcome with us. Visit either our monthly Board of Directors meetings held at Famous Dave’s, 12148 Cleveland Ave., Fort Myers, Fl, first Wednesday of the month at 7:00 pm, or our General Membership meetings held on the third Wednesday of each month also at Famous Dave’s, 12148 Cleveland Ave., Fort Myers, Fl. This is on the Northwest corner of the intersection of Cleveland Ave. (Rt. 41) and Crystal Drive. Plan to meet for dinner around 6pm before the 7pm meeting. See our Calendar for more info.

Whether you currently own a Mustang or just love them as much as we do, we invite you to join us.

Your membership entitles you to all the Mustang fun you can stand and the fellowship of people who love Mustangs as much as you do. Our membership fee is only $20 per family annually. See our membership form.

Mustang, the original pony car!
We love ’em all!